Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Got my first Birchbox!

 Birchbox is a company that sends out a box of deluxe beauty samples to you every month, for a very reasonable $10/month subscription. This is my first one, but I am already awaiting August's. So far, I've just tried the coconut nourishing body cream (smells like heaven and stays put) and the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation (perfect shade for my skin and fun for dressing up.) Most of the products seem to be high end/ organic/ cruelty free, which is great. It reminds me of the little samples you get with your purchase at Sephora (or used to get, I should say.) Except you get way more things to try. Love it! So fun and so girly.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A dollar store puzzle and a galette--again

At a recent trip to the dollar store, I saw this 3-D dinosaur puzzle that comes with an actual machine to place inside it that makes it walk. I couldn't believe that something like this existed for $1, so I bought it just as a kind of joke, as in, yeah right, Dollar Store?!

Amazingly, it went together perfectly, with easy-to-follow instructions. And the thing actually walks. It's meant for ages 4 and up, but even I had a hard time with the tiny pieces. Too bad I just got around to making it-- I bought it weeks ago, and now I'm sure the store is out of them. They had cars that you could build and wind-up too, wish I'd gotten those as well...a good rainy day project.

And I can't stop making this cornmeal galette. This one is blueberry and yellow plum. It was yummy. (Very juicy though, as you can see. Thank goodness for parchment paper!)