Saturday, June 29, 2013

Plum jam

We made this plum jam the other day from plums we picked off various trees in our neighborhood park and growing on the side of the road. It's good, a bit tart, but I like tart. I burned the first batch, so I watched the second one carefully and cooked it less than the recipe called for. It's the perfect consistency; I love the chunks of purple and yellow plums.

We had some plums leftover, so I used them to make a plum cornmeal galette. It was perfection. I ate the whole thing by myself in just over two days. Not a good few days for the old health, but oh--who can resist? The taste of summer gets me every time.

Find the galette dough recipe here, and a link to the Martha plum jam recipe here. She uses plums and peaches, but I used all plums. I found I needed some extra sugar and maybe two pinches of salt to counteract the added sugar. It was still quite tart, but tasted homemade and not sugary sweet like store bought jam.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer fashion!

Just got this Tart jumper and love it! Mine is exactly the same as the one shown, but sleeveless. I can wear it to the farmer's market, dress it up with heels or sleep in it. I think it's timeless.

And I love these cute, glittery sandals from Target, they are surprisingly comfortable.

Lace painted table

Here is my attempt at recreating the lace painted table from my earlier post. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for directions!

Here is our banged up, heat damaged table. It was always covered with a tablecloth. I know, sad, sad, sad.

Here is the table with some lace draped over it. I found the lace at Joann's for about $5 a yard. I needed three yards to cover this table and three leaves. Our table was 42 inches wide, so I needed lace that was at least that width. This was 43 inches, and that mere inch of 'extra' lace was barely enough to wrap around the edge of the table and tape down. Keep that in mind if you attempt this! Also, a curved table is more difficult to cover than one with straight edges, and the tighter you can make the lace, the better.

Here is the surface after spray painting and letting it all dry for one hour.

I would recommend applying a thin layer of paint, as those parts I attempted to cover more thoroughly just ended up looking a bit blurry, as you can see in this shot. Also, the paint was so thick, it kind of created a weird pattern on the paint when the lace was eventually removed. All in all, I'm happy with it though. It's a definite improvement!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random notes from parenthood oblivion

I love this idea over at A Beautiful Mess for updating a tired old wood table. All you need is lace and spray paint.

And this is ridiculous but also pretty funny. For crying out loud, eat your cereal, Ryan Gosling.

I'm obsessed with The Skunkboy Blog. Like, obsessed. Katie has inspired me to start wearing actual outfits again and and to care about how my hair looks. Thank you for bringing me back from new motheritis. Now I only wear sweats at home.

And speaking of hairdos, here is a list of 20 great hair tutorials for long-haired gals like myself. I'm having fun with my hair again! Sorry for the enthusiasm, but I feel like I'm waking up from a long nap...

I made this lemon pie with a saltine crust that everyone on NPR raved about. My sister and her boyfriend loved it, but not me so much. Maybe a chocolate filling to go with the salty crust? Not lemon, anyway.

Finally, here is a really cute handmade baby toy that I think would be perfect for my little one.