Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lace painted table

Here is my attempt at recreating the lace painted table from my earlier post. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for directions!

Here is our banged up, heat damaged table. It was always covered with a tablecloth. I know, sad, sad, sad.

Here is the table with some lace draped over it. I found the lace at Joann's for about $5 a yard. I needed three yards to cover this table and three leaves. Our table was 42 inches wide, so I needed lace that was at least that width. This was 43 inches, and that mere inch of 'extra' lace was barely enough to wrap around the edge of the table and tape down. Keep that in mind if you attempt this! Also, a curved table is more difficult to cover than one with straight edges, and the tighter you can make the lace, the better.

Here is the surface after spray painting and letting it all dry for one hour.

I would recommend applying a thin layer of paint, as those parts I attempted to cover more thoroughly just ended up looking a bit blurry, as you can see in this shot. Also, the paint was so thick, it kind of created a weird pattern on the paint when the lace was eventually removed. All in all, I'm happy with it though. It's a definite improvement!

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