Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter projects to keep your hands busy

Found this neat idea for a calendar. For directions, click here.

At first I thought it was magnetic, but no, it's made out of foam board and thumbtacks. It would be cool to make a magnetized one. I just found out that there is now magnetic paint. (Where have I been?) So you could paint the backing of this frame with the paint and adhere the backs of the buttons to magnets instead of thumbtacks and voila-- a magnetic calendar.

And here is just the prettiest little basket for knitting projects. If I had one of these next to the sofa, I'm sure I'd get more knitting done. Directions here

And these look easy and super cute, don't they? (Because of course I need yet another pair of fingerless gloves.) Directions here

Hope you all are keeping warm and enjoying the winter!

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