Friday, May 20, 2011

Handmade dinosaur and awesome coconut cake--apparently

After a few weeks of hand-sewing whenever I had the chance, Jack's little dinosaur is all done. I found the most awesome free pattern here. The details aren't filled in yet on this little guy, but I wanted to post it before I moved on to the next project. There's a confusing section in the pattern (I thought) so I took pictures of how I decided to sew up the tummy and feet. I ended up sewing the feet together last.

In other news, my sister turned thirty (!) and she requested this coconut cake that I made last year for a family get-together. I personally am not all that crazy about coconut cake, but people looove this one. It's pretty easy to whip up too-it uses boxed cake mix and just a few other ingredients.

We are enjoying the beautiful Spring out here in wine country. Hope everyone else is too.

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