Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweater quilt

I've been wanting to make this quilt for a long time. I think I saw one here a while back and loved it. As each one of my favorite sweaters begins to show its' age or gets too tight or just not right for me anymore, there's been a crafty voice in my head that whispers "sweater quilt, sweater quilt."

So over this incredibly lengthy and relaxing Winter break, I finally began The Sweater Quilt.

First, I gathered up seven sweaters that were all sizes medium or large and about the same, medium weight. I then grabbed by rotary cutter and self-healing mat and cut them into six by twelve-inch strips.

I arranged the strips on my queen-sized bed in a way that was pleasing to my eye.

Then I stacked each vertical row together, stacking them one on top of the other, so I'd know which way to sew the strips together in the pattern I wanted.

Then I sewed the strips together, stacking them and running them through my machine on a straight stitch with medium length. I ended up with 11 long vertical strips with about seven and a half 6x12-inch strips. I say one half because I didn't want any long horizontal seams. In other words, I didn't want my blocks to line up, so I added a piece that was 3 or 6 x12 at some spot on every vertical strip to give each strip a unique pattern. (See the picture with all the strips laid out--they don't line up horizontally.)

After sewing the strips I squared them up, making sure that they consistently measured six inches all the way down.

And that's as far as I've gotten. Next, I'll stitch all the long strips together. I'm excited to see all my sweaters together, in one big cozy blanket.


  1. How's the quilt coming along? Looks like it'll be sooo warm!

  2. It's coming along slowly. Thanks for the comment, Mom.