Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter, lemon curd and general fattiness

This is what I've been doing around here lately--eating lemon curd and baking rich, sugar-laden food. It's what I love--to bake and eat sweet, rich things. Then I watched a 60 Minutes that included a report on sugar consumption and how it affects our bodies (including a new study that suggests that cancer cells flourish and feed on sugar in our bodies) and how we get sugar in nearly every processed food we eat.

I eat a lot of sugar. I unapologetically love to bake things like the cinnamon rolls above, which had no less than three cups of sugar in them.  Anyway, while I'm late to the party, eating less sugar is something I'm thinking about now. I'm inspired to bake more nutritious, less sweet treats, if only to ward off cancer. Maybe it's time to finally hone my bread-making skills. I'm afraid of yeast. That or it just doesn't like me. I swear I never used a yeast that was still 'alive;' in none of my experiences has the yeast actually foamed up like it was supposed to. I always just waited, and then after 20 minutes (despite the lack of foam) made the damn bread anyway. And nine times out of 10, my bread didn't rise.

Ok, now's my time to give it another go. Oh, btw, the lemon curd pictured above was perfection. I could eat anything if it were slathered in lemon curd.

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