Sunday, November 25, 2012

Farmer's Market adventures

Since we found out that we'd be having another child, I've been trying to create daily or weekly rituals for Jack and me. One of these is our weekly visit to the farmer's market. We're so lucky to live in California, in the wine country no less, because we get beautiful seasonal produce all year. Our farmer's market is popular in the community, so going there is a great opportunity for us to people watch and be reminded of the kind of community we live in. There's always live music and picnic tables set up, even a little playground for Jack to play on.

We have one rule (that sometimes sticks, other times...not so much.) We have to get one healthy thing each, and then one sweet or unhealthy thing to share. Most times we get apples to munch on while we search for a huge muffin (like the chocolate cherry one above) but other times Jack surprises me and gets a pomegranate or a persimmon. Once he actually chose a basket of organic strawberries as his 'sweet treat.'

I'm hoping we can keep up this weekly tradition after the baby comes, it's such a positive way to learn about where our food comes from and a simple activity to celebrate the changing seasons...

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