Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hakka noodles, cookies and a baby

I'm kind of obsessed with Hakka noodles since reading this article in the February issue of Sunset magazine.

It's basically four recipes that you can mix and match: Chinese sesame noodles, chicken and ginger broth, soy-glazed vegetables and pork. I made mine vegetarian, with tofu. The sesame noodles are addictive on their own (I eat them cold out of the fridge) and also good in the ginger broth. And it's great to have lightly sauteed vegetables in the fridge, an easy way to get more veggies into my diet. My four-year-old likes the different combinations and is a tofu monster, so I'm happy he's eating good food.

And on an entirely different and crazy unhealthy note: I finally made the cookies whose recipe I've been making sexy eyes at for months now. Brown butter, nutella-stuffed, sea salt studded chocolate chip cookies. The name is an entire sentence, amazing.

And they are good. And huge. Are they really supposed to be this big? The recipe says it makes 24, I made 28 pretty huge cookies. I put a lot of sea salt on each, they can take it with all the chocolate in them. And nutella. And brown butter. Ugh, my diet starts tomorrow. This picture is pretty bad, but for great photos and the recipe, go here.

And finally, here is what I've been working on these last 11 months. Baby Adam is here and I'm feeling like myself again. I loved being pregnant, but it feels good to be able to lift heavy things and get some serious exercise, you know what I mean?

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