Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My favorite breakfast...lately

Before I had my lovely son and became a full-time mom, I held many serving jobs. Oh yes, the soul-sucking serving job. Don't get me wrong, I have friends in the city who don't really mind waiting tables (probably made all the sweeter by the $250-plus in cash they take home every day.) But that crap was not for me. One thing that I hated about serving was the schedule: you walk into the restaurant, run around like a chicken with its head cut off for eight hours and you leave--frazzled, sweaty and generally pissed off. Or I did at least. There are people out there who do it with grace but that was never my style, I would lose it over someone who would ask for a straw and then wait for me to bring it before they'd ask for the ketchup. Retards.

Anywho, another thing I really disliked about the serving industry was the way the managers at these places somehow got to make us work eight plus hours at a time with no break. What the?? Isn't that illegal? No lunch/smoke/coffee/call your boyfriend to cry and complain about how much you hate your job break? Again, so lame.  So before one of these fanatical shifts I would have to put something in my tummy that would keep me going for hours without stopping. Now mind you, I'm a hungry girl and nothing out there can fill me up for eight hours (except maybe lead, which I never tried) but this healthy breakfast made me smile before the bastards had the chance to take it out of me.

First I start with toast.

Then, I slather on some nut butter, this stuff is my favorite.

Ok, so you've got your toast and butter-- in this case, almond butter. Peanut is totally worthy too.

Then I add some sliced apple...

In this case, day-glo apples if you've got them. The apples cut down on the sticky nut butter and add a nice juicy crunch. Plus, you're working towards that five a day that we're all supposed to be having.

A healthy breakfast=healthy outlook, right? Plus this snack is nutritious enough to share with my monkey, which is an added bonus since he simply must try everything his mama eats.

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