Friday, June 11, 2010

The Freebie List

So for those of you who may not know, a freebie list is a list of celebrities with whom, were you given the opportunity, you could hook up with no negative consequences from your partner. My husband and I were discussing our's yesterday on a long drive to Oakland. Here is my list:

Russell Crowe
Once, I saw an interview with Mr. Crowe on Inside the Actor's Studio. When asked the infamous question, "What turns you on?" he replied "A well-constructed sentence." Humuhnuh humuhnuh humuhnuh. And Russell, "The tree was aglow with iridescent lights that shone on the myriad onlookers with proud luminescence." Now how's that for a well-constructed sentence?  

It also goes without saying that all of my choices would be plucked from their prime and would of course, still be alive. I'd choose Russell from his LA Confidential days, not the perhaps more popular Gladiator days, and most certainly not now, because well, he's just too old. Sorry Russell.

Next, we have
Adam Brody
This guy is just smoking hot. And this outfit kills me. In fact, this picture was once my desktop background when I briefly worked an office job. I love Adam Brody because he's got the hot nerd thing going on and that is such a turn on, no? I even watched that stupid show, The OC, just because he was on it. Where have you gone, you hot nerd?

River Phoenix
My only blonde entry, and perhaps the only blonde I ever truly loved-- the fiercely talented River Phoenix. He was my #1 childhood crush: I had his posters on my little girl walls, read the Teen Beat articles in which he talked about being a vegetarian (which was like, the coolest thing when you're 11.) I loved him so much that on the day he died, my mom let me stay home from school. He was the guy with real character--a blonde with a dark aura--the sensitive, tortured artist. I miss him.

Robert Pattinson
I know, I know. I'm a little embarrassed. But seriously, I can't help it if this guy is ridiculously hot. He smolders. It may have something to do with the fact that I read all the Twilight books and really, I see him as Edward (again, I know, I'm so ashamed.) But in my defense, there are moms everywhere dreaming about this guy every night, so I am not alone. And have you seen him in interviews? He's just plain odd, and that's kinda sexy too. I wouldn't kick this greasy-haired kid out of bed for eating crackers.

So ladies, I'd like to know--who's on your freebie list?

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