Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bay Area Discovery Museum

This is Jack at The Bay Area Discovery Museum, a totally awesome place that we finally made it to over Memorial Day weekend. And it was on a free day (!) in honor of the Asian Heritage Festival that was held, in part, there.  I was worried that the museum was going to be aimed at older children, but Jack thought it was totally cool and we had a great time enjoying the beautiful, sunny day in Sausalito.
Here he is trying to build a boat, maybe a bit too young for that at 17 months old!

This awesome fort was inside the 'Tot Spot' section of the museum, a place for the little ones to explore that includes (content from museum website:)

Balance to stand, walk, roll or jump on a wobbly, water-filled pond. Crawl through the waterfall. Try on a fish costume.
Crawl and climb among the “roots” of a tree. Scale a baby-size mountain. Dress up as a bumble bee.
The Stream
Splash in a stream that flows through a multi-level faux rock stream bed.
The Meadow
Explore a gently rolling, grassy area. Meet a wood rat in his nest of sticks. Crawl like a gopher through a tunnel.

How fun does that sound?
 And no, this isn't a creepy dead frog, but it kinda looks like one.

It was a great place to bring a child maybe eight years old and younger; there are kids and strollers and sippy cups all over the place. Despite the fact that our visit fell on a free day and a Saturday, it didn't feel crowded at all, probably due to the outdoor layout. The museum has a cafe that had already closed for the day, but lots of families had brought their own lunch. I love it when places like this allow outside food, especially when you've got kids.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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