Sunday, April 11, 2010

Felted stone soap and dolls

I saw this lovely craft on Martha a few weeks and knew I had to try it. Then these beautiful 'stones' showed up at our local yarn shop and I was reminded that they were still on my mile-long list of craft projects. So since I was there, I picked up some roving at said yarn shop and came home and made some stones of my own.

Who knew roving was so beautiful. For those of you like me who hadn't previously heard of this material, it's basically raw wool. I thought it would be rough and nubby like the tufts that you'd find on sheep, but it's luxurious and soft, almost hair-like. And it feels so good in your hands! I'm in love like, seriously. I want to learn how to spin wool just so I have an excuse to hold this stuff in my hands everyday.

I found the instructions for the project here. My only issue was in getting the soap shavings to stick to the bar itself. I found that once they were warmed by my hands a little, they finally stuck. I had a good time with this craft, it was refreshing to break away from my usual fabric and sewing machine type of creation. Plus it's something usable, would make a nice gift, and would be a great activity to do with older kids. That's what we call a win win over here.

I've also been eyeing these as the next item to place on that mile-long list of craft projects.

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