Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party--San Francisco Style

So my wonderful sister and her housemates decided to throw a tea party at their home in the Haight. With their combination of artistic skills, imagination and substantial baking capabilities, I knew this was going to be a party I didn't want to miss.
It didn't disappoint.

Don't you love the carrots in the long vase? I think radishes would look pretty cool too.
On the menu were cupcakes, chocolates, cucumber sandwiches, carrot cake, tea cookies, almond cake, and lots of assorted teas in lovely pots. I love the look of 'arranged chaos.'

And the costumes! That's me in the polka dot dress with my sister.  The Mad Hatter looks wicked, doesn't he?

Anyone care for some tea?

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