Sunday, April 4, 2010

The plaid Easter Bunny

I whipped this little fella up in an hour (or two) the other day. The fabric is from a huge, and I mean HUGE men's shirt that I found at our local Salvation Army Superstore. I've already made a set of picnic napkins and a patch for my son's jeans out of said shirt. And its newest offspring is this wee bunny for our wee son's Easter basket.  I found the template for the bunny online a few weeks ago and now can't find it anywhere (sorry!) But as there are so many free templates to find online, you could just as easily find a bunny shape that you like and go from there. Just trace your shape onto a doubled up piece of fabric, right sides together. Cut around shape 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider than your tracing and sew with a heavy stitch (I used a machine but you could easily do this by hand, making sure to use strong thread and stitches.) Leave a small opening for turning out your bunny and stuff with fiber fill. Whipstitch the opening, add a pretty ribbon and voila! You've got a sweet handmade Easter bunny!

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